Why Did We Form olulo?

olulo was formed in response to "Industrial Revolution 4.0" and an increased need to adapt to this new data driven economy. We provide medical device manufacturers with the necessary tools and techniques to thrive in this new landscape.

Our Value

Our creative, clinical, technological, and business expertise allow us to balance the dynamics between clinical practice and digital engagement with a medical device manufacturer. We help medical device executives smoothly transition from their traditional to a robust digitally transformed end users engagement.
Our digital strategies and solutions incentivize end users to connect with your company’s digital ecosystem by creating value for them and all other stakeholders in your digital ecosystem.

We are seeing changes in end users’ expectations from medical device manufacturers

Now more than ever, medical device manufacturers need to expertly manage their relationships with end users at any touchpoint with their brands.
If medical device manufacturers want to react effectively to the changes in the new era of data driven economy, implementing digital transformation and disrupting the status quo is imperative.

Olulo's Mission

We Are Transforming The Digital Journey for Medical Device Manufacturers And Their End-users


Digital transformation consultation

Identifying and capitalizing on digital opportunities for your company

olulo consultants are focused on building a smooth path between your existing analogue and the new digital norm. We identify where and how digital processes can help your company achieve higher growth and optimum UX/UI - leading to higher online brand engagement.

Automated product procurement subscription service

olulo offers a turn key subscription platform to distribute recursive products made by medical device manufacturers. olulo subscription platform not only connects the end users directly to the manufacturer but also it eliminates the need to keep a large inventory of recursive by the end users. It empowers both manufacturers and their end users to benefit from virtual inventory management technology.

olulo guiding principles for DT

Points that guide a medical device company to a
sustainable DT

Cleary identify what you want to do and why
Conduct an environmental scan to understand your organization potential for DT
Digital transformation invloved aligning culture, people, structure, and tasks
Define individual goals, test it, & roll it out
Adopt the lean startup methodology; Fail early, fail often, always fail smart!
Changes have to be accepted "Top-Down" and "Bottom-Up"
Don't build digital as a silo, it has to be relevant to the entire organization
Go from vertical to horizontal organization operating model
Have the right team and recognize them throughout the DT Journey
Your team has to feel that they are part of the DT Journey; keep people informed


How We Do It

Data-driven visibility is essential to support medical device executives’ future critical business decisions. Data will bring intelligent options to light instantly. Your company will have the ability to do new things, and, more importantly, to do them right. This will lead you towards innovation and success
It’s one thing for a medical device company to become a leader in this field. It’s another thing for it to stay there. Digital transformation is not just about investment, it is about willingness to change and fail
If medical device manufactures want to react effectively to the changes in the new era of data driven economy, implementing digital transformation and disrupting the status quo is imperative.

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