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Dr. Hamid Shafie

CEO & Principal

Hamid is a strategic innovation leader in the healthcare industry, an e-Commerce executive, a board member, a C-level advisor, a speaker and post-graduate level educator
Hamid is an entrepreneurial-minded business leader and educator. He is the founder of, an eCommerce company focused on medical device industry. He also started which is a digital transformation consulting company specialized in digital transformation of the maxillofacial surgery practices. He is a gifted speaker on a variety of topics and has lectured in 37 countries.
As a thinker and a key opinion leader Hamid has helped multiple manufacturers to develop and launch new products, services and businesses.
He earned his MBA from University of Wyoming College of Business.

Ulyana Fedunyak


Ulyana graduated from Virginia International University with a Master’s degree in business administration. Over the past three years, she has extensively studied emerging trends, competition, profitability, and business sustainability in the implant dentistry market. At olulo, Ulyana works as a consultant specializing in the benefits of digital transformation in an oral surgery practice.

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